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Born and Raised

in the Philippines

The world's top brands and organizations have relied on Touchbase for more than two decades to deliver full-time translation & localization expertise in Philippine languages.

Jake Irwin Estrada, the first Filipino Chartered Linguist
Golden Steel Plate
Qwertyworks 2009
Track Record spanning Decades

20+ years of proven experience as the trusted specialist for Philippine language translation & localization.

Golden Steel Plate
QwertyWorks Production Office Philippines
Reliable and Scalable Capacity

Lots of in-house linguists, our own production facilities and equipment plus 24/7 live project management.

Golden Steel Plate
ISO Stamp
Globally-recognized Quality

One of the first in SE Asia to pass certification for ISO 17100, the gold standard for translation services.

How We Work

7,640+ isles, 180+ languages, 1 Trusted Team since 2001

From the world’s foremost search engine to humankind's first-ever coronavirus vaccine, Touchbase has always been there as the service provider of choice for Philippine languages including Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilokano and Hiligaynon.

Whether it's grassroots market research, multi-locale transcreation campaigns, or quick-turnaround all-year-round localization tasks, there's no better reward than to see our work being deployed on the ground, enriching the lives of our end-readers in the Philippines and all over the world.

Through decades of economic crises, natural calamities and industry shakeups, we will continue to deliver our "Consider It Done" hallmark of service through those innate Filipino traits of resilience and reinvention.

Truly local: 100% Filipino-owned company based in Manila, Philippines

Consistent: Full-time professional linguists working together for years

Up-to-date: The latest technologies, tools, training and techniques

Peace of mind: ISO17100-certified outputs and time-tested workflows







Philippine Map with Regions

Our Languages

Luneta Park Tagalog Touchbase
Tagalog / Filipino

The Philippine national language

From: Manila and environs

Speakers: ca. 120Million globally

Magelan Cross Cebuano Touchbase

Often (mis)labelled as "Visayan"

From: Cebu, Bohol, Mindanao

Speakers: ca. 30Million globally

Vigan Ilokano Touchbase

The major Northern language

From: Ilocos region/N. Luzon

Speakers: ca. 20Million globally

Hiligaynon Dinagyang Touchbase

Often (mis)labelled as "Ilonggo"

From: West/Central Visayas

Speakers: ca. 15Million globally

Vinta Regional Dialects Touchbase
Regional dialects

Amianan vs Abagatan Ilokano, Bicol-Naga vs Legazpi and such assortments, hyphenated or not

Filipino children telephone Touchbase
"At iba pa" (et cetera)

Waray, Kiniray-a, Kapampangan, Tausug, Pangasinan...or Asia's only Spanish creole: Chavacano

By Filipinos, For Filipinos and the world

Empowering the best brands to Touch Base with 100+million Philippine-language speakers
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